Why does this site exist?

I’m a somewhat new VR Arcade owner, having only opened up the business in June (although starting the research several months before), and I found information about the business somewhat sparse and was learning a lot through trial and error and figuring things out somewhat blind. I found VR Arcade Owner Facebook page (along with joining other VR pages) and that helped with answering a lot of my questions, but I continued to want a place that was more forum like to post and answer questions.

And so was born VRArcadeOwners.com. Primarily this is a forum page for answers and questions, but eventually this will grow to be a resource of all kinds of information where those interested in opening a VR Arcade can do some of their research and get information they are searching for on the internet.

So look around, read the forms, post your questions, and answer those that you can. This site is free to call and has the goal of getting filled with all the information one will need to open a VR Arcade.