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        Hi, I need some game like snowballs shooting or boxing or some swords fight with multilevel option.
        The idea is that 2 person are fighting against each other and the rest of the auditorium can watch it on the big screen like projector. Perfect would be some 3rd camera view. Less nice but also acceptable – changing cameras 15 sec on one and 15 sec on second eyes. Or some screen split.

        I belive there is no need to explain for what is that, but to visualize better – we are going to make an event offer for wedings. Imagine bride vs groom fight 😀  later uncle and grandmother etc… and all guests can watch it. Or even record it. and maybe add some piece of that in weeding movie.

        Preferable Oculus, becouse there is less effort then Vive and no need for so much space.

        Any ideas ? 🙂

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