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        Do you use any loyalny system ?
        Something like cards with barcode (or magnetic)  and anyone who wants to join has unique number.
        And any time he comes you enter it and calculate:
        – how regular is he, how much time he spend
        – gather his datas: name, surname, email, phone number for marketing reasons, date of birth, gender, favourite games ?
        – on average – which hours are the busiest ones (no speculations – just raw datas)
        – on average – which days are the busiest,
        – on average – how much people spend each hours, days,
        – how people react on diffrent marketing actions: you can give leaflets with bar code which is scaned with their card on entrance.


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            What are you using for collecting your PoS on your website? I know a lot of the platforms like Springboard and Synthesis have that sort of data tracking built in. You can track who the person is, they will remember those people so you can track repeat customers, once in your location you can track to see what percent of their sessions are spent in what game, and of course you can take a more macro look at your location and see averages across all customers. Whether you use them or not, it’s handy to check Springboard’s monthly blog posts that cover the top 20 most played VR games each month. Here’s a link:

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                we use Springboard, but to be honest I am not the one who is dealing with it. will check it. Thanks a lot ! 🙂

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                Base Station VR
                Base Station VR

                    I track all my customers manually via a spreadsheet for time played, etc, for a loyalty program. I use the same spreadsheet to figure out how much average play time they might do, but more importantly for how much average time everyone plays and how often I have repeat customers (and how often they come back, etc). I use SynthesisVR and that tracks game play for determining the most popular games (and they have a membership thing that I don’t use myself). I use Smartwaiver to collect customer information.

                    I haven’t determined when the best times are, but it’s generally safe to say it’s Saturdays (the rest of the days are somewhat all over the place). Sundays being a good second, followed sometimes by Friday.

                    I’ve found the best marketing is word of mouth. Anyone that “reacts” to a specific kind of marketing is reacting (generally), in two different ways:

                    They already know about VR and are happy to see a place where they can experience VR. Basically, they recognize the concept

                    They don’t know what this VR thing is, but they are interested in a new experience. This has been, for example, most of the customers that I got from Groupon.


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                        We have a special paperback logbook, similar from those carried by students during University studies – “Зачётная кн жка”

                        They fill it out, it contains all the rules, info, etc and they bring it with them if they want to benefit from any discounts/mrktstuff. We record their history as well, with achievements, etc. Everyone had doubts,but it’s given a good result. Now we are in process of shifting the whole thing to the cloud and making it an AR gimmick with their profile, stats, etc.

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                            Thanks guys. If you get some good working ready to use system, please let me know.
                            You have something, but I want more…

                            I am still on search in that case 😉

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