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        Wondering if anyone is using Windows Mixed Reality headsets in an arcade? If so, are you successfully using SteamVR with it? If not, and since I haven’t been following it, is WMR successfully working with SteamVR?

        I’m specifically looking at the Samsung Odyssey for the higher resolution and built in headphones, primarily for a pop up location and for remote set ups, not necessarily for my primary location.


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            My advise is not taking that route yet.

            We added support in SynthesisVR, but MSMR isn’t yet arcade friendly.

            As example, when a MSMR HMD asleep, it stops all the connected apps… Including SteamVR…

            On a side note – Microsoft are very active into updating their SteamVR plugin for Windows Mixed Reality (MSMR), so this may get solved at some point. This is one of the hard to track issues, as the MSMR emulator never goes to sleep and you just can’t catch that without a HMD on hand.

            Despite this is a software issue (and software issues usually can be fixed), what is really worrying is how good is the tracking. Yes, the controller works for a couple seconds even when they are out of the HMD’s “vision”, but still it isn’t the Valve’s tracking.  It is like comparing the physical laws to the probability theory. Nothing could beat the gravity.

            In our opinion – it is better to wait for Vive Pro or Pimax and use what already proved to work, rather than taking a deep dive.


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                And how about commercial licence. I can not find anything about that.

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                    We have an Asus WMR hmd, which we used for testing. Now we use it on racing games. The resolution is crisper than on the Oculus. I want to get the Odyssey.

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